A selection of my so-called "Spatial Portraits" with supplemental translations of audio, poetry or digital collage. Here I ask individuals to use only spoken language to describe a personal memory that triggers interpretation. I transform respondents' psycho-architectural melancholia into new formats. This series is often commission-based; if you're interested in a portrait, hit me up.

Digital reproduction of Spatial Portrait Series: This is Amir., Wax pastel on paper, 40" x 30"

I interviewed Amir G. for about an hour about the time he spent as a teenager in his grandmother's basement. I saw no visuals but just asked for him to describe to me pieces of furniture, walls, thoughts and relationships.

Digital reproduction of Spatial Portrait Series: Vanessa T. On Some Slippery Notes, Wax pastel and pencil on paper, 24" x 27"

Digital reproduction of Acquainted with Their Fortunes of Invasion, Acrylic, wax pastel, and pencil on canvas, 24" x 65"

Digital reproduction of Some Witches After Prison, Acrylic, wax pastel, and pencil on canvas, 36" x 24"

Preview from upcoming film entitled, Eight Muses in a Bathroom.
In this short film, eight muses represent eight behaviors known to the contemporary bathroom. The hyper-theatrical narrative drives the muses on a deformed loop to rediscover their relationship with Restoration, Excretion, Defecation, Masturbation, Organization, Using, Company and Harm.

Headless Drunks of Dread and Desire.